The Tri-University Graduate Program in History combines the faculty and resources of three of Canada’s premier universities. Since 1994 our program has been educating students in innovative ways while providing them with a solid grounding in traditional historical methods.

Tri-University Faculty and Students

The Tri-University program integrates the scholarship and experience of over sixty graduate faculty, making it one of the biggest graduate history programs in the country. Some 150 History graduate students are currently enrolled in the program and each year we accept up to 20 new Doctoral students and 60 new Master’s students. Because of its impressive size and scope and because of student mobility among the three campuses, we are able to provide courses and supervise research in the widest possible range of areas.

At the same time, through small seminars, close student-professor relationships and through teaching assistantships and scholarships held at one of the three participating campuses, the program is able to maintain the atmosphere of smaller, more intimate educational institutions. In our program, students benefit from combining placement in a single history department with the resources of one of Canada’s largest graduate history programs.