Application Process

Students must apply to the Tri-University Program on-line through one of the three participating universities: University of Guelph, University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University. Because all applications are processed by a single Tri-University admissions committee, it does not matter which university’s application system you use. However, PhD applicants should use the system of the university of their preferred supervisor as you are expected to be enrolled at the same campus as your supervisor. If your preferred supervisor is unable to accept new students, the admissions committee may recommend that you be admitted to one of the other two universities with a different supervisor.

All inquiries and applications concerning this program should be addressed to the Tri-University Graduate Program in History. The Tri-University Graduate Program uses a self-administered application process in which the onus is on the applicant to collect and submit all required documentation and material.

Applicants to the University of Waterloo

Please follow the regulations for applying as specified for the University of Waterloo online system. The online system is complete and requires no additional forms from the Tri-University Program

Applicants to the University of Guelph and Wilfrid Laurier University

Please follow the applications procedures for the University of Guelph or the Wilfrid Laurier University.

In addition, please fill in the preference form and include it in your application package. On this form, applicants to the PhD program can suggest a range of supervisors and fields. The admissions committee will use your application form together with your preference form when determining the department to which it will recommend your admission.

PhD Student Preference Form (PDF)

Instructions for Applicants (PDF)

Application Deadline

To be considered in the first round of admissions, applications must be received by 1 February. The admissions committee will, however, continue to review applications received after that date.

General Admission Requirements

Applications are considered by the Tri-University Graduate Program’s Admissions Committee and a recommendation for admission or rejection is forwarded to the dean of Graduate Studies at the proposed home university. Only students who are graduates of accredited universities and colleges are eligible for admission. Students will be admitted only after they have obtained an MA with at least an A- (80%) standing.

Since not all applicants can be admitted, close attention is paid to samples of applicants’ written work, applicants’ transcripts and past record as a whole, and to their statement of research interests. Applicants from outside Canada whose previous education cannot be assessed readily may be required to demonstrate their knowledge by other means such as the Graduate Record Examination.

Language Requirements

After acceptance, doctoral students must demonstrate a reading knowledge of a second language. If no specific language is required for the student’s research (as authorized by the student’s advisory committee), the second language will be French. The determination of the second language will be made by the student’s advisory committee in the first term of the student’s registration in the program. During the first term of the doctoral program, a scheduled language exam will to evaluate the candidate’s reading knowledge of a second language, but it is not to be understood as a test of fluency. The use of a dictionary is allowed during the exam. Please see the PhD Program Handbook for more information on the exam.

Candidates for admission to the PhD program in history whose chosen area of research requires a language other than English must demonstrate sufficient language skills prior to admission. This is normally the equivalent of the skills acquired in a 200-level university course.

Non-Canadian applicants whose first language is other than French or English are required to submit evidence of proficiency in the English language or pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A net score of at least 600 is required. Please instruct the testing agency to forward official test results directly to the Director of the Tri-University Graduate Program in History.