Major Fields

All Major Field Seminars are offered by the program each year. The seminars are designed to prepare students for teaching and research in the area of the major field. Students choose one major field seminar in their first year of study. Major fields are completed by a qualifying exam, in the same subject as the major field seminar, taken in the fourth term of registration. Teaching of the seminars rotates among the campuses each year. Students should select their campus of application not on the basis of the location of the major field seminar, but on the basis of the location of their preferred thesis advisor.

Immigrants enter the United States at Ellis Island, NY in this 1908 photo by Lewis Hine

Major Fields

Minor Fields

The minor fields represent each student’s secondary areas of concentration; they are designed to provide students with a supplementary teaching area and a comparative understanding of works in their dissertation research area. Students fulfill their minor field requirement by successfully completing two minor field seminars, normally in their first year of study. The topics of the seminars are established in consultation with the student and every effort is made to provide students with a list of the minor field seminars prior to their acceptance of an offer of admission. Successful completion of the seminars constitutes completion of the fields as there are no minor field examinations in the program.

Examples of Minor Field Seminars Offered in the Past

  • Sports History
  • Medieval History
  • International History
  • Economic History
  • Family & Gender History
  • Modern American History
  • Film & History
  • Legal History
  • Indigenous History
  • French Revolution
  • History of Science
  • Canadian Rural History
  • Mennonite History