All three universities in the Tri-University program have adopted a guaranteed minimum stipend for their doctoral admissions. The financial package offered by the Graduate Officer at the campus to which the student is admitted will normally consist of Graduate Teaching Assistantships, internal scholarships, and other funding. The level of support that a student can expect will be explained to the applicant at the point when the Program recommends their admission. More information on graduate funding can be found by clicking on the links below.

All applicants are expected to apply for outside funding, such as the OGS or the SSHRC doctoral fellowship, or other appropriate awards. In the past, our students have been very successful in winning these and other competitive awards. Winning such awards is also an important step in building a strong curriculum vitae.

Graduate funding by campus

For other funding information, consult with the university where you are registered:

Conference Travel Funding

“The Tri-University Program provides travel funding for students making conference presentations.  To apply for funding, please fill out the form below and forward it to the Tri-University Program Director.  Funding is subject to availability and submission of this form does not guarantee funding.”

Travel Funding Application (PDF)