Hello Tri-University Community!

Welcome to the Tri-University Blog.  As the TUGSA executive, we are excited by this move and hope that it will improve communication about what is happening in the Tri-University community.

TUGSA was created in 2008 to help bring together the graduate students from the three universities of the Tri-U.  We have three goals for our organization: foster the student community, maintain communication between the three departments and their students, and strengthen the connections between the three universities.  We hold a variety of different social and academic events throughout the year.  The events rotate Waterloo and Guelph so that every student has an equal opportunity to attend.

We have one Co-President from each university.  Joseph A. Buscemi is the representative for Waterloo, Marjorie Hopkins is the representative for Guelph, and Matt Wiseman is the representative for Wilfrid Laurier.  Together we form the TUGSA Executive.   TUGSA also works with the Tri-University Director, Dr. Linda Mahood, to improve the student experience as well as relaying any student issues about the Tri-University program.

If you wish to contact us, please email us at tugsamail@gmail.com.  If you have any issues or questions about the program, or if you want to get more involved with TUGSA, please let us know.


Upcoming TUGSA Events


November 5 – Topics on Tap – WLU


December 4 – Holiday Event – Waterloo


Jan 21 – Topics on Tap – Guelph


TBA – Curling – Details coming soon


March 18 – Topics on Tap and TUGSA Elections – UW


April 24 – Year End Event – Guelph