Campus: Waterloo
Office: HH110

Research Topics

The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe; totalitarianism; popular resistance and counterinsurgency; Russian/Soviet military history; nationalism and ethnic policies of multinational states.

Present Research

I am working on a book with the tentative title Social Conflict and Soviet Counterinsurgency in the Western Borderlands, 1944-50. It investigates the Soviet response to nationalist insurgencies in the regions annexed after the Nazi-Soviet pact: Eastern Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. This is the first comprehensive study of Soviet counterinsurgency that ties together the security tools and populist policies intended to attract the local populations. I trace the origins of the Soviet pacification doctrine, present its conceptualization, show how a quasi-Marxist ideology affected it and examine the major means to enforce the doctrine: agrarian reform, deportations, amnesties and local militia. I also discuss the peculiarities of the Soviet experience in the global context.

Representative Publications

  • “Motivations and Goals of the Soviet Deportations in the Western Borderlands,” The Journal of Strategic Studies, 28/6 (December 2005), 977-1003.
  • “The Nature of Anti-Soviet Armed Resistance, 1942-44: the North Caucasus, the Kalmyk Autonomous Republic, and Crimea,” Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History 6/2 (2005), 285-318.
  • “Antonescu’s Eagles Against Stalin’s Falcons: the Romanian Air Force (1920-1941),” The Journal of Military History 66 (October 2002), 1085-1114.
  • “When an Army Becomes “Merely a Burden’: Romanian Defence Policy and Strategy (1918-1941),” The Journal of Slavic Military Studies 13/2 (June 2000), 67-85.
  • “The Ugly Duckling of the Armed Forces: Romanian Armour (1919-1941),” The Journal of Slavic Military Studies 12/2 (June 1999), 220-244.