Campus: Wilfrid Laurier
Office: DAWB 4-138

I am an historian of Modern China who arrived there after a lengthy detour in Russian History. My principal area of research is in the Sino-Soviet/Russian border, Manchuria, the cultural, social and political history of Russian refugees resident in China, the development of Chinese urban government and the history of 19th and 20th century Chinese minority and ethnic policy. My monograph Administering the Colonizer: the Chinese takeover of Russian Harbin is presently under review at UBC press. I have one published article in Minguo Yanjiu (Studies on Republican China) Beijing, April 2004, entitled “This Land is my Land: Sino-Russian conflicts over property in the Special District of the Far Eastern Provinces, 1923-1928.”

I have taught graduate courses in Manchurian Regional history, World War II in China, and have supervised papers on subjects ranging from Qing conceptions of empire, Japanese ethnic policy, Soviet Advisors to Republican China and Taiwanese/PRC relations.