PhD Candidate, University of Guelph


BA (Hons) History, Dalhousie 2012
MA, Dalhousie 2014
PhD Candidate, Guelph 2014-

Current Research: Supervisor: Dr Elizabeth Ewan

Specialization: Gender, Criminality & Law in Late Medieval Scotland

My thesis project explores the influence of gender on the incidence and prosecution of homicide in late medieval Scotland from roughly 1400 to 1600.  The thesis takes a relational approach and compares who men and women chose as their accomplices and victims, in what circumstances they committed homicide and how the courts and communities responded to their crime.  Sources considered include the records of the justiciary court, sheriff courts, local franchise courts and, for the post-Reformation period, kirk session records.

In addition to my research, I am an active part of the history department at Guelph.  I currently serve as the Graduate Student Representative to the Department.  From January to December 2016 I served the Centre for Scottish Studies as Book Review Editor for the International Review of Scottish Studies.  I am now managing the Centre for Scottish Studies office and serving the IRSS as Assistant Editor.

Teaching Assistantships:

HIST 3130: Popular Culture and Punishment (W15) HIST 3140: Witch Hunts and Popular Culture (W16)

Courses Taught:

HIST 2200: The Medieval World (W17)