Campus: Wilfrid LaurierDana Weiner
Office: DAWB 4-153

Associate Professor

American History (pre-1877), political history, women’s and gender history, and African American history

Academic Background

B.A. (University of California, San Diego)
M.A., PhD (Northwestern University)

Academic Interests

My broader research interests are in grassroots politics, social reform, and debates over rights in early U.S. history. I enjoy teaching about the development of race in the United States, slavery, the intersection of politics with women’s and gender history, activism, and the myriad changes that the new nation experienced as it unified, expanded, and divided in its early centuries of existence.

My book on the anti-slavery and anti-Black Law movement in the Old Northwest was published in March 2013.

Dana Elizabeth Weiner, Race and Rights: Fighting Slavery and Prejudice in the Old Northwest, 1830-1870. Early American Places Series. De Kalb, IL: Northern Illinois University Press, 2013. 

My current project explores the racialization of rights in early nineteenth century California and the California “Black Laws.” Feel free to stop by office hours to discuss any of these issues, or United States history more generally!

Graduate Supervisor

I am available to supervise graduate students interested in a range of topics in colonial and United States history to 1877, including the history of activism and reform movements, the U.S. West, the Old Northwest, women’s and gender history, race, grassroots politics, and debates over rights.