PhD Candidate, University of Waterloo


– University of California Los Angeles, Post Baccalaureate Program in Classical Studies (2013-2014)

– University of Waterloo, MA in Ancient Mediterranean Cultures (2011-2013)

– University of Guelph, BA in History and Classical Studies(2007-2011)


Early Modern History, Medieval History, History of Science

Current Research:

Supervisor: David Porreca

My area of specialization is in Intellectual History (i.e., the history of Philosophy, Science, Magic, and Religion) from Classical Antiquity to the Early Modern Period, with a focus on the reception of heterodox magical, astrological, and prophetic texts in the Renaissance.

My doctoral research is chiefly concerned with fleshing out the process of temporalization (i.e., the development of an historical awareness) which took place in Europe during the centuries leading up to the Early Modern Period, and examining to what extent apocalyptic/prophetic writings like those of Joachim of Fiore and Roger Bacon, or mystical texts like the Corpus Hermeticum and the Picatrix contributed to the development of history not just as a discipline, but as an epistemological framework for creating and projecting meaning into the world.