Campus: Wilfrid Laurier
Office: DAWB 4-142

My research currently focuses on politics in Ancien Régime France, particularly the relationship between state and society during the reign of Louis XIV. More broadly, I examine early modern European practices of power and authority. I also have a burgeoning interest in the interactions between Europe and the Islamic world in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

  • Expansion and Crisis in Louis XIV’s France: Franche-Comté and Absolute Monarchy (Monograph manuscript in preparation)
  • “Wartime Government in Franche-Comté and the Demodernization of the French State, 1704-1714,” French Historical Studies 30:1 (Winter 2007), 21-48.
  • “Judicial Politics, War Finance, and Absolutism: the Parlement of Besancon and Venality of Office, 1699-1705,” French History 19 (December 2005), 440-462.