University Professor Emerita
Campus: Guelph

In recent years my work has focused on the impact of a variety of media, most notably the newspaper and periodical press, on the cultural tensions in eighteenth century English society. My forthcoming book, The Attack on Aristocratic Vice: Cultural Skirmishes in 18c England, will contain the results of much of my thinking and research.

My next book, which I’m in the midst of researching, to be entitled “Mixed Messages: Communicative and Commercial Advertisement in 18c London”, will consider the role of the press, not only as a purveyor of news and sales information, but as a communicative site of contact.

Finally, in my last book, The Perreaus and Mrs. Rudd: Forgery and Betrayal in 18c England, my co-author, Randall McGowen and I analysized a particularly “juicy” crime story, which, we believe, allowed us access to a number of generally under-explored themes; in my last book, which I’ve just begun, tentatively entitled “The Man Who Couldn’t Die”, I will use another such case with I hope similarly useful results.