Campus: Guelph
Office: 1009 MacKinnon Extension

Current Research

I am continuing work on the nineteenth-century romantic novelist Jane Porter, with special focus on The Scottish Chiefs (1810) while completing Ourselves and Others: Scotland 1832-1914 for Edinburgh University Press. Since 2004 I have edited the International Review of Scottish Studies and I am editing and contributing to volume 3 of Everyday Life in Scotland, 1800-1900 (EUP). With Kris Inwood I have received CFI funding to create a 5% digitized sample of the 1871 censuses of Scotland and Canada.

Professional Experience

  • University of Guelph, Director of the Centre for Scottish Studies.
  • University of Guelph, Scottish Studies Foundation Chair, Dept of History, since 2004
  • University of Edinburgh, Lecturer & Senior Lecturer, Dept of Economic and Social History, 1992-2004

Research Interests

  • Scottish national identity and nationalism since 1707
  • William Wallace
  • The urban history of Scotland, local and central government, 1820-1920
  • Civil society and associational activity
  • Borders and the historiography of stateless nations

Areas of Research for Graduate Supervision

  • National identity and nationalism in modern Scotland, Ireland, Britain and Canada
  • Scottish-Canadian identity
  • Urban History in 19th and 20th century Scotland and England
  • Social and Religious History of Victorian Scotland and Britain
  • Scottish Enlightenment and Political History of the 18th century

Selected Publications

  • 2006 Civil Society, Associations and Urban Places: Class, Nation and Culture in Nineteenth-Century Europe (Ashgate: Stroud). Co-edited with B. de Vries & R.J. Morris.
  • 2005 Journal of Urban History, Vol. 32 No. 1, November. Special Issue: Power, Knowledge, and Society in the City. Co-edited with R.J. Morris & T. Griffiths.
  • 2004, 2001 William Wallace: Man and Myth (Sutton Publishing: Stroud).
  • 2002, 2001 ‘Civil Society, Governance and Nation: 1832-1914’, The New Penguin History of Scotland: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day, eds., R.A. Houston & W.W.J. Knox, (Allen Lane, The Penguin Press: London), pp. 355-416.
  • 2000 ‘The First Home Rule Movement in Scotland, 1886 to 1918’, in H.T. Dickinson & M. Lynch (eds.) The Challenge to Westminster: Sovereignty, Devolution and Independence (Tuckwell Press: East Linton), pp. 113-122.
  • 1999 Unionist-Nationalism: Governing Urban Scotland, 1830-1860 (Tuckwell Press: East Linton).
  • 1998 ‘What if? The significance of Scotland’s missing nationalism in the nineteenth century’, in D. Broun, R. Finlay & M. Lynch (eds.) Image and Identity: the making and re-making of Scotland through the ages (John Donald: Edinburgh), pp. 157-176.
  • 1998 Locality, Community and Nation (Hodder and Stoughton: London) with A. Morris.
  • 1998 ‘Civil society, municipal government and the state: enshrinement, empowerment and legitimacy, Scotland, 1800-1929’, Urban History, Vol. 25, part 3, December, pp. 348-367. Special Issue: Civil Society in Britain.
  • 1996 ‘Scottish rights and ‘centralisation’ in the mid-nineteenth century’, Nations and Nationalism Vol. 2, No. 2, July, pp. 257-279.