PhD Candidate, University of Guelph


University of Guelph, PhD Student, 2016-Present

University of Calgary, Master of Arts in History, 2014-2016. Thesis: Ordering Off Western Canada’s Menu: Public Dining in Alberta, 1880s-1920s.

University of Calgary, Bachelor of Arts Honours. Major: History. Minor: Museum and Heritage Studies. Co-op Designation.


Canadian History

Rural History

Public History

Food History

Western Canada

Current Research: Supervisor Dr. Catherine Carstairs

I have specialized in Canadian and food history, but have broad interests in topics related to cultural, women’s, and domestic history.

I am also interested in how living history museums and academics can work together to share knowledge and experiences with each other and the public.

My doctoral research is on home front food in Canada during the First World War. I explore the propaganda and advice created by the Office of the Food Controller/the Canada Food Board and how women used this advice and created and shared their own advice through national and local print media.

Working in collaboration with a local living history museum, I plan to recreate the recipes that were produced by the government and shared by women to add further depth to my understanding of volunteer rationing and kitchen management during the First World War.

My preliminary research on this topic can be found here:

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