PhD Candidate, University of Guelph


MScR with Distinction in Scottish History, University of Edinburgh (2014)

B.S. in Liberal Arts and Sciences/Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Illinois (2007)


Scottish History (Major)

Family & Gender History and Early Modern European History (Minor)

Current Research: Supervisor: Dr Elizabeth Ewan

Specialization: Late medieval and early modern Scottish history

In a general sense, I am interested in the relationships between gender, power, culture, thought, and emotions in the past. To that end, my doctoral research looks at the impact of the Reformation in Scotland upon the perception and practice of ambition within Scottish society. In particular, it questions whether ambition in late medieval and early modern Scotland was gendered in its performance and whether ambitious men and women were thought of or treated differently by their communities. In doing so, it seeks to probe at the gender politics surrounding ambition in western society in an attempt to unpick the historical foundations of these contemporary politics.