PhD Candidate, University of Waterloo


Master of Arts (History)— University of Waterloo

Bachelor of Education. History/French— Queen’s University

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) History/Concurrent Education— Queen’s University


Canadian History

Indigenous History

History of Medicine

Current Research:

Supervisor: Dr. Heather MacDougall

My current research explores how the study of health narratives can reveal important insights into the nature of social relationships. In particular, it examines the continuities and changes of social images of Indigenous peoples within government programs for health during the shifting cultural and political climates of post-World War II Canada with specific attention to Ontario and British Columbia.

Research Interests: Canadian history, Indigenous history, history of medicine, stigma, museums as sites of social change, critical race theory


Twitter: @lucy_vorobej

Presentations and Projects:

Vorobej, L. “The Citizen and the Ward: Community Imagining and Duty to Care for Indigenous Peoples in the Canadian Medical Association Journal,” May 27-29th 2017, Canadian Society for the History of Medicine Annual Conference, Toronto, Ontario.

Vorobej, L. “Harnessing Historical Consciousness on Digital Platforms,” May 26th 2016, Stockholm Plus 20, Landon Pearson Centre for the Study of Children and Children’s Rights, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario.

Public Health History Exhibit. “50 Years of Public Health.” Member of Curatorial Team, Perth District Health Unit, Stratford, Ontario, 2016.

Vorobej, L. and Mackinnon, K. “Project Newsworthy: Examining the Discourse of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.” Launched April 2016.

Vorobej, L. “The White Plague: Racial Conceptions of Tuberculosis in Medical and Public Health Discourse 1900-1965.” March 5th 2016, Tri-U Conference, Guelph, Ontario.