Graduate students enrolled in the Tri-University Program are funded according to the scholarship and funding policies prevailing at the university to which they are enrolled. A minimum guaranteed package of funding for MA students is available at some of the participating universities. The funding package offered M.A. students normally include a combination of Graduate Teaching Assistantships and internal scholarships. Incoming and continuing students are strongly encouraged to apply for external scholarships such as OGS and SSHRC. More information on graduate funding can be found by clicking on the links below.

Graduate funding by campus

For other funding information, consult with the university where you are registered:

Conference Travel Funding

Tri-University students seeking travel funding to make conference presentations should print the form below and forward it to the Tri-University Program Director. Funding is subject to availability and submission of this form does not guarantee funding.

Travel Funding Application (PDF)


MA Fellowships

MA Fellowships: American Vaudeville MA Research Fellowship

Department of History at Wilfrid Laurier University

Fellowship Amount: One year program funded at $20,000 (includes TA and research stipends)

Additional Research Funding: $1,500 research travel allowance (for conferences or archival visits)

Fellowship Start Date: 1 September 2017

The Department of History at Wilfrid Laurier University invite applications from students interested in working on the American entertainment industry in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Potential applicants should contact David Monod (Department of History) to discuss the opportunity before 15 January 2016 and indicate WLU as a potential host on any SSHRC MA Fellowship applications.

Fellowship holders will work as team with Dr. Monod and other students, on a SSHRC-sponsored research project to develop the database Vaudeville was America’s most important commercial amusement in the early twentieth century and the database we are preparing will provide the public and professionals with singular insight into a vast, divers and complicated world of popular entertainment. The core of the project involves the accumulation of reviews, images, interpretations and biographical profiles of vaudeville performers over a 30 year period. Fellowship holders will be supported in their own research and presentation work on vaudeville performers, theatres or types of acts. Fellowship holders are expected to provide open access to their research findings and raw data through the database.

Students will apply to this fellowship no later than 15 January 2017 by submitting an application to the Tri-University MA Program in History at Laurier. More information on the Tri-U program and application process is available at:

For more information please contact Dr. David Monod at or 519 884 0710 x. 3261.