PhD Candidate, University of WaterlooMatthew Gayford


Master of Political Science (Security and Diplomacy Studies), Tel Aviv University
Master of Arts (Medieval Studies), University of Toronto
Honours Bachelor of Arts (History and English), University of Western Ontario


Global and Transnational; Imperial (Major)
War and Society (Minor)
Modern India (Minor)

Current Research

Supervisor: Dr. Douglas Peers

My current research focuses on the military expansion of British East India Company rule in 18th Century India, with a focus on campaigns in the latter half of the century. My particular interest is in tactical, operational, logistical, and reconnaissance innovations that developed among Royal and Company forces in India at the time, and their subsequent diffusion to Europe and throughout the British Empire. Relating research topics include the use of native troops in colonial armies, militaries and companies as transnational organizations and actors, the culture(s) of imperial military and bureaucratic personnel, and the history of strategy and tactics.


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