The Triumvirate is the tri-annual news magazine of the Tri-University History Program. It aims to keep graduate students, faculty members, and alumni informed about news and events from all three campuses, and to celebrate and promote the academic achievements of all Tri-U members. New issues are published during the fall, winter and spring terms.


The Triumvirate XIII – Fall 2015

The Triumvirate XII – Summer 2015

 The Triumvirate XI – Winter/Spring 2015

 The Triumvirate X – Fall 2014

The Triumvirate IX – Spring 2014

The Triumvirate VIII – Winter 2014

The Triumvirate VII – Fall 2013

The Triumvirate VI – Spring 2013

 The Triumvirate V – Winter 2013

 The Triumvirate IV – Fall 2012

 The Triumvirate III – Spring 2012

 The Triumvirate II – Winter 2012

The Triumvirate I – Fall 2011