Campus: Guelph
Office: 2017 MacKinnon Extension

My main research area is modern Chinese history, with a focus on the Northeast – or Manchuria as the region was formerly called. I am especially interested in supervising studies on modern Chinese history, women and gender, popular culture, alcohol and other drugs, and winter life.

I have written two books. My newest is Intoxicating Manchuria: Alcohol, Opium, and Culture in China’s Northeast. My first book was Resisting Manchukuo: Chinese Women Writers and the Japanese Occupation; it was awarded the 2008 Canadian Women’s Studies Association 2008 Book Prize. I also co-edited, with James Flath, Beyond Suffering: Recounting War in Modern China.

My work has also appeared in various journals including Modern China, Journal of Women’s History, Modern Asian Studies, Social History of Alcohol and Drugs, and Journal of the History of Sexuality.

I have published work in Chinese, most notably in the books Zhang Quan, ed. Kang-Ri zhanzheng shiqi lunxianqu shiliao yu yanjiu, di’yi ji (Studies of the Occupied Areas During the Anti-Japanese War, Volume 1) and Hou Jianfei, ed. Mei Niang jin zuo ji shujian (Mei Niang: Recent Writings and Correspondence).

My current SSHRC-funded research project is titled: “Winter Health: Consumer Culture, Science, and Modernity in China’s Northeast.”