Campus: Guelph
Office: 2013 MacKinnon Extension

Peter Goddard is interested in the early modern pursuit of salvation, especially the routes taken by the diverse programs of Catholic reform. His work engages mission history (Jesuit; Capuchin; Recollect; Huguenot/French reformed), mystics and martyrs, as well as Reformation era theologians, reformers and thinkers. The two PhD students under his direction are presently researching 17th-century French preaching and 16th-century French religious war pamphlet literature; he advises MA students currently engaged in studies of the mystical aspects of J-J Surin and J-P Camus, and the just war theory of Sepulveda.

Goddard also teaches the Modern Historiography graduate seminar (Hist*6020 at the University of Guelph), in addition to the first-year early modern history course and French and Reformation history courses at the undergraduate level.