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Atkinson, Maureen (2017) –  “Replacing Sound Assumptions: Rediscovered narratives of Post War Northern British Columbia”

Tavenor, Joshua (2017) – “Climate and Capitalism: English Perceptions of Newfoundland’s Natural Environment and Economic Value, 1610-1699”

Wiseman, Matthew S. (2017) – “The Science of Defence: Security, Research, and the North in Cold War Canada”

Campbell-Miller, Jill (2014) – “The Mind of Modernity: Canadian Bilateral Foreign Assistance to India, 1950-60”

Kirkby, Ryan (2014) – “Men against Power: Antistatism, Grassroots Organizing, and the Vietnam Veterans Against the War”

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Whalen, Jane (2013) – “Wasting Away: Canada’s First Nations, Tuberculosis, and the Politics of Race and Health, 1882-1951”

Harris, Tavis (2013) – “Treaty is better than a Battleship: Canada, Autonomy and Interwar Naval Disarmament”

Greavette, Gordon (2013) – “The Politics of Munitions Production in Canada, 1914-16”

MacLeod, Daniel (2013) – “Servants to St. Mungo: The Church in Sixteenth-Century Glasgow”

Crossen, Jonathan (2014) – “Decolonization, Indigenous Internationalism, and the World Council of Indigenous Peoples”

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Smith, Edward (1999) – “The Dialectics of Faith: Laity, Clergy, and Church Life in Three Hamilton Anglican Parishes, 1880-1914”

Calnan, James (1999) – “‘A Home Not Made With Hands’: National Voluntary Associations And Local Community In Prince Edward County, Ontario, At The Turn Of The Twentieth Century”

Scott, Katherine (2010) – “Modernity’s in the Pudding: Towards an Understanding of Women’s Material Contributions and Responses to Modern Domestic Ideals and Practices in the Ottawa Valley”

Rosenfeld, Jean (2008) – “‘A Noble House in the City’: Domestic Architecture as Elite Signification in 19th Century Hamilton”

Walsh, John (2001) – “Landscapes of Longing: Colonization and the Problem of State Formation in the Canadian West”

McLean, Scott (1998) – “Literature to Instruct, Amuse and Entertain: The Cheap Literature Movement in Scotland, 1768-1845”

Hinson, Andrew (2010) – “Urban Scots: Toronto’s Scottish Community and Identity in the Hebrides, 1793-1843”

Gies, Kris (2010) – “Amateur Soldiering in Industrial Britain: The Early Territorial Force in Glasgow, 1908-1914”

Moir, Scott (2002) – “‘Some Godlie, Wyse And Vertious Gentilmen’: The Jusice Of The Peace, Community And State Formation In Scotland, 1587-1660”

Falconer, Rob (2005) – “Community, Conflict And Control: The Burgh Of Aberdeen, c.1542-c.1603”

Nugent, Janay (2004) – “Marriage Matters: Evidence from the Kirk Session Records of Scotland, c. 1560-1650”

Fallon, Michael (2000) – “People of the Covenant: Dutch Reformed Immigration into Canada after World War I”

O’Shea, Christopher (2003) – “Vision of Masculinity: Home-Health Advice Literature, Medical Discourse and Male Sexuality in English Canada, 1870-1914”

Gorrie, Richard (2000) – “Gentle Riots?: Theatre Riots in London, 1730-1780”

Scott, Katherine (2010) – “Modernity’s in the Pudding: Towards an Understanding of Women’s Material Contributions and Responses to Modern Domestic Ideals and Practices in the Ottawa Valley”

Sanmiya, Inge Vibeke (2002) – “A spirit of enterprise: The Western Fair Association, London, Ontario: 1867-1947”

Wakelam, Randall Thomas (2006) – “Operational research in RAF Bomber Command, 1941-1945 (Britain)”

Wood, James A. (2007) – “The Sense of Duty: Canadian Ideas of the Citizen Soldier, 1896-1917”

Sager, Jason (2008) – “Devotion and the political: Sermon and devotional literature in the reigns of Henri IV and Louis XIII, 1598-1643”

Caravaggio, Angelo N. (2009) – “Commanding the Green Line: A Caset Study of Division Command in the Second World War”

Quirk, Laura (2007) – “The Thompsons’ town: Family, industry, and material culture in Indiana, Ontario 1830-1900”

Connor, Steven (2007) – “Golden Pheasants and Eastern Kings: The German Civil Administration in the Occupied Soviet Union, 1941-44”

Smith, Barbara (2008) – “The Rules of Engagement: German Women and British Occupiers, 1945-49”

Priestman, Karen (2009) – “Illusion of coexistence: The Waldorf schools in the Third Reich, 1933-1941”

Leddy, Lianne C. (2011) – “Cold War colonialism: The Serpent River First Nation and uranium mining, 1953-1988”

Sheffield, Robert Scott (2000) – “Winning the war, winning the peace: The image of the ‘Indian’ in English-Canada, 1930-1948”

Miller, Ian Hugh Maclean (2000) – “‘Our glory and our grief’: Toronto and the Great War (Ontario)”

Briggs, Catherine (2001) – “Fighting for women’s equality, the federal Women’s Bureau, 1945-1967 : an example of early state feminism in Canada”

Bunch, Matthew James (2007) – “All Roads Lead to Rome: Canada, the Freedom From Hunger Campaign, and the Rise of NGOs, 1960-1980”

Churchill, Jason L (2006) – “The Limits to Influence: The Club of Rome and Canada, 1968 to 1988”

Rose, Kathryn Elizabeth (2012) – “The Long Reach of War: Canadian Records Management and the Public Archives”

Hatton, Nathan (2012) – “Grappling on the Grain Belt: Wrestling in Manitoba to 1931”

Tivy, Mary (2006) – “The Local History Museum in Ontario 1851-1985: An Intellectual History”

Bondy, Renée D. (2007) – “Roman Catholic Women Religious and Organizational Reform in English Canada: The Ursuline and Holy Names Sisters in the Diocese of London, Ontario, 1950-1970”

Nicholas, Jane (2007) – “Catching the Public Eye: The Body, Space, and Social Order in 1920s Canadian Visual Culture”

Greaves, Laura (2013) – “‘Concerned not only with relief’: UNRRA’s work rehabilitating the Displaced Persons in the American zone of occupation in Germany, 1945-1947”

McGowan, Katharine (2011) – “‘We are wards of the Crown and cannot be regarded as full citizens of Canada’: Native Peoples, the Indian Act and Canada’s War Effort”

Ritchie, Elizabeth M. J. (2010) – “The Faith of the Crofters: Christian Identity in the Hebrides, 1793-1843”

Terbenche, Danielle (2011) – “Public Servants or Professional Alienists?: Medical Superintendents and the Early Professionalization of Asylum Management and Insanity Treatment in Upper Canada, 1840-1865”

Sica, Emanuele (2011) – “Italiani Brava Gente? The Italian occupation of southeastern France in the Second World War, 1940-1943”

Parker, Heather (2012) – “‘In all Gudly Haste’: The Formation of Marriage in Scotland, c. 1350-1600”

Anderson, Kim (2010) – “Algonquian Women: Life Stage, Gender and Identity, 1930-1960”

MacFadyen, Joshua (2009) – “Fashioning Flax: Industry, Region, and Work in North American Fibre and Linseed Oil, 1850-1930”

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