Cold War History

Red Army Chorus

The Tri-University Program is one of the few graduate programs in North America with a field in Cold War History. The recent creation of this field reflects recent trends in historical scholarship. Over the last two decades, a new historical literature on the Cold War era has emerged, greatly helped by the increase in access to archives and other source materials from the former Communist states in Europe, China, South Africa and elsewhere. Today, we see the emergence of a vibrant project, a true Cold War era history, which promises to become one of the most vital areas of scholarship over the coming decades. The Cold War era has the benefit of comparatively crisp opening and closing dates, and a defining core conflict. The new history of the Cold War is a fascinating example of how experts – often working across national and disciplinary boundaries – are able to use newly available information to refine, or in some cases overturn, old images and interpretations. Not surprisingly, it has become one of the chief areas of interest for history students today.

The Tri-University faculty includes scholars in post-1945 US and Soviet history, Canadian foreign relations in the cold war era and communist era Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This makes our major field in Cold War history unique in North American graduate programs.