Campus: Wilfrid Laurier
Office: RCW 319 (Brantford campus)

I am an historian of nineteenth century Canada with a particular interest in labour and working class history, business history and social history.   My recent research has focused on class formation in mid-nineteenth century Ontario. I am presently engaged in a large, multi-year Programme of Research entitled “Rethinking Class Formation in Early Industrial Canada,” which seeks to uncover the nature and functions of pre-capitalist social forms and relations in nineteenth century urban Canada and to understand the transformation of these forms into the capitalist era. The first phase of the programme studied class formation among craftsworkers in Hamilton, Ontario in the period 1840-1872.   Results from that phase include articles in Histoire sociale – Social History and the Journal of the Canadian Association and the monograph Craft Capitalism: Craftsworkers and Industrialization in Hamilton, Ontario, 1840-1872 (Toronto: Univeristy of Toronto Press, 2007). The second phase has produced a book co-authored with Andrew C. Holman, currently under review, entitled More of a Man: The Diaries of Andrew McIlwraith, Canada West and New York City, 1857-1862. Phase Three, entitled “From “Merchantocracy” to “Capitalist Class”: The Rise and Reconstitution of Hamilton’s Elite, 1830-1890″, will apply these findings to a reconsideration of class formation among the elite elements of the Hamilton community between 1830 and 1890.

Selected Publications

Craft Capitalism:   Craftsworkers and Early Industrialization in Hamilton, Ontario, 1840-1872.   (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2007).   Winner. Clio Award (Ontario) 2008.

“A Culture in Continuity: Master-Man Mutualism in Hamilton, Ontario, During Early Industrialization   Histoire sociale – Social History volume 39, no. 78 (November 2006).

“Craftsworkers and Canada’s First Industrial Revolution: Reassessing the Context,” Journal of the Canadian Historical Association.   New Series, Vol., 16 (2005): 101-138.

“The Past Is At Our Feet: The Workers’ City Project in Hamilton, Ontario,” Labour/Le Travail. 41 (Spring, 1998).