PhD Candidate, University of WaterlooRuss Freure


Master of Arts, History – Wilfrid Laurier University
Honours Bachelor of Arts, History – Wilfrid Laurier University


Major: Cold War – with a focus on the Reagan Era
Minor: Modern U.S. History – with a focus on modern conservatism
Minor: War and Society

Academic/Research Interests

United States History, Cold War History, Political/Diplomatic History, History of Modern Conservatism, Maritime/Naval History

Current Research

Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Hunt

Dissertation title: God’s Will: How the Christian Right Remade the Republican Party

My current research focuses on the Christian Right’s influence on, and penetration of, the Republican Party in the United States. The impact of evangelical Christians on the political landscape of the United States, a country originally founded on the principles of personal religious freedom and the separation of church from state, is staggering. Today, the Republican political platform embraces much of the evangelical message broadcast straight from the pulpit of ministers such as Pat Robertson.

My work examines why and how the evangelical groups were able to precipitate such a shift in the Republican Party. Confronted by social upheavals, conservative intellectuals tended to focus their derision on their opponents (the socialists) as the primary cause. Ultimately, my dissertation will demonstrate in more pointed terms that both Christian and Republican groups embraced anti-rational, anti-liberal and anti-Enlightenment ideas in order to survive the difficult currents of contemporary society.