University Professor Emeritus
Campus: Guelph

Research Interests

  • Canadian history, especially rural, agricultural, and women’s

Areas of Research for Graduate Supervision

  • Canadian women’s and rural history

Selected Publications


  • 2003 Marriage of Minds: Isabel and Oscar Skelton Reinventing Canada (Toronto: University of Toronto Press)
  • 1999 (and Alexander Ross), The College on the Hill: A New History of the Ontario Agricultural College, 1874-1999 (Toronto and Oxford: Dundurn Press)
  • 1991 Louisbourg, Atlantic Fortress and Seaport (Ottawa: Canadian Historical Assn.)
  • 1990 Agnes Macphail and the Politics of Equality (Toronto: Lorimer and Co.)
  • 1989 (And C.A.V. Barker), One Voice: A History of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (Ottawa)
  • 1988 Ed., Clio’s Craft: A Primer of Historical Methods, (Toronto: Copp Clark Pitman)

Articles/Book Chapters

  • 2005 “Britain and Canada”, introductory essay to: Britain and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History, eds. Will Kaufman and Heidi Macpherson, (3 vols.; Santa Barbara, Denver, and Oxford: ABC Clio), pp. 11-21.
  • 2005 “Scientific conviction amidst scientific controversy in the transatlantic livestock and meat trade,” Endeavour (London UK), 29/2 (June 2005), 78-83- Justin Kastner, Douglas Powell, Terry Crowley, Karen Huff
  • 2001 “Writing for Whom? Isabel Murphy Skelton and Canadian History” and “History and Human Agency: The Case of Agnes Macphail, Canada’s First Woman M.P.” Framing our Past: Constructing Canadian Women’s History in the Twentieth Century, eds. Sharon Cook and Lorna McLean (Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press)
  • 1999 “Experience and Representation: Southern Ontario Farm Women and Agricultural Change, 1870-1914,” Agricultural History, 73, 238-51. (Vancouver: UBC Press), pp. 174-201
  • 1997 “Isabel Skelton: Precursor to Canadian Cultural History,” in A. Prentice and B. Boutilier eds., Creating Historical Memory: Canadian Women and the Work of History, (Vancouver: UBC Press), pp. 174-201
  • 1997 “J.J. Morrison and the Transition in Canadian Farm Movements in the Early Twentieth Century,” Agricultural History, 71: 330-56
  • 1997 “Women, Religion and Freedom in New France,” in Larry Eldridge ed., Women and Freedom in Colonial America (New York: New York University Press), pp. 127-43
  • 1996 “Rural Labour”, in Paul Craven ed., Labouring Lives: Work and Workers in Nineteenth -Century Ontario (Toronto: University of Toronto Press), pp. 10-103
  • 1995 “The French Regime to 1760”, in Terence Murphy and Roberto Perrin, eds., A Concise History of Christianity in Canada (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1995), pp. 1-58
  • 1993 “Understanding Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples, A Regional Guide,” Canadian Social Studies, 27, 71-5
  • 1991 “Agnes Macphail and Canadian Working Women,” Labour/Le Travail, 28, 129-48
  • 1988 “The New Canada Movement: Agrarian Youth Protest”, Ontario History, 80, 311-325
  • 1986 “Madonnas Before Magdalenes: Adelaide Hoodless and the Making of the Canadian Gibson Girl”, Canadian Historical Review, 67, 520-547
  • 1986 “Parents in a Hurry: The Early Home and School/Parent-Teacher Movement in Ontario”, Histoire Sociale/Social History, 20, 323-342.